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The Course is arranged as a step by step progression to becoming a Wire Writing Master !

Just follow the links (Blue headings) to go to the relevant page to start or continue your journey.

*Note – The menu above has links directly to all the videos. All videos are on youtube but are “unlisted” which means only you and other members can see them, the general public can’t.

Reference Videos for the letters

Here are links to the pages that contain the English letters of the Alphabet.

Capital letters A to M
Capital letters N to Z
Lower case letters a to m
Lower case letters n to z

How to Write in Wire and make Name Necklaces and Name Pins

Part 1 – Preparation

A series of videos to get you acquainted with wire formations that are common to every Wire Name you will make. Learning these first and practicing them will arm you for the task of beginning to form letters and starting to make Names.


Part 2 – How to make Name Necklaces

Name Necklaces are very popular in all forms. In this section you will learn all about the anatomy of Name Necklaces, and how to make your first Name Necklace “Amy”


Part 3 – How to make Name Pins (Brooches)

Name Pins (or Brooches) require no other material or accessory other than a length of wire.  They are very popular and can be pinned to almost any material. This section will explain the anatomy of Name Pins, and how they differ from the Name Necklace.

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