Step by step for the making of a Name Pin

The following 6 videos explain the process of making a Name Pin. In principle the letters are the same except the first Capital Letter. Each Capital letter starts with a Spiral bend which is a continuation of the Initial loop. These are created to make the termination of the wire at the end of the name easier.

There is one extra tool utilized in making a Name pin and that is a small needle file, or even a nail file will do. Most households have one of these types of file available around the house, if not, they are very cheap at the local hardware store or cheap $2 type of store.


Measuring the Pin

The actual length of the pin will vary depending on the length of the name. In the reference section above handy guide will give you the measurements you will need for different lengths of name.


Starting the Name

Every name starts with a Capital letter. In the case of a Name pin we need to start each letter with a spiral bend. This makesĀ  the termination easier later on. There are 2 types of spiral depending on the letter. A clockwise or counter-clockwise spiral.

Making a groove for the pin to sit in when the name is finished

When the name is finished, the pin will eventually be bent around to fit in the groove we are about to make.

Making a Heart and a groove (Optional)

As with the Name Necklaces, a heart can be added with a slightly different style than on the necklace version. This combination of Heart and Groove is a little tricky at first, but you will master it after a few tries.

Underlining and Termination

The underline is the same as the Name necklace version, but the termination is different. Because the initial loop in a Name Pin becomes quite bulky after turning the pin at the end, then it is easier to terminate the name on the spiral part of the first letter. (Hence the reason for the spiral bend on Name pins).

Finishing the Name – Bringing the pin around, cutting and sharpening

After the termination, the pin that was facing to the left can be brought around and lined up with the groove. Then the pin is cut diagonally with the side cutters between the groove and the end of the name. Finally the pin can be sharpened by using a small file to take off the rough edges and produce a sharper pin to go through material.

More Name Pins

Following are 3 full Name Pins made from start to finish. The “Meg” pin, “Jean” pin and thirdly the “Lisa” pin.

Please note: In the first two videos “Meg” and “Jean” I show the “Chain loop” as part of the first capital letter. Please ignore that ! In the case of “Meg” just do a forward crimp where the chain loop is shown. And in “Jean” the same thing.