Preparation videos before making Name Necklaces

There are 2 videos in this section, the first one will explain Chain Loops. Chain loops are a fancy name for a small loop created on the top of a capital letter where the chain is attached when the name is finished.

There are only 4 Capital letters where this is required. They are A, J (one version only), M and N. These letters do not have a natural connection point at the top where you can thread the jump ring (small ring) in order to connect the chain.

The second video shows you how to connect the chain to the beginning of a name, and the end of the name. 


How to make an Amy Name Necklace

In the following 6 videos, I will go through step by step how to make the name “Amy” for a Name Necklace. The first letter A is only one of 4 Capital letters that requires a “Chain loop” (the others are one version of “J”, “M” and “N”).

I will make the letters here, but you can also reference each individual letter from the Menu at the top of this page.


The Heart at the end of the name is optional. You can just leave it out and put a small loop instead. Just for somewhere for the chain to attach to.

More Names for a Necklace

Following are 6 more Names made from start to finish. They start off with the shorter names and then end up with the longest name. Longer names take more time and patience, but once you master the letters then it is just keeping an eye on the spacing and sizing of letters, and making everything looks as uniform as possible. The attaching of the chain is not shown, but you can just watch the video above on how to attach the chain to a name.