Hi ! Welcome to Wire Writer Academy – Where if you want to become a master of Wire Writing, then you are in the right place !

I teach how to Write in Wire in the English alphabet, with the 26 Upper case (Capital) letters and 26 Lower case letters.

Also I teach how to use this skill to make what I call “Name Jewelry”. In this case I will teach you how to make a “Name Necklace” and a “Name Pin”. These 2 primary designs I sold at market stalls for many years.

So, if you want to learn this skill just as a hobby or indeed to make a small business with it, then I offer the options below.

Andy Turner – Wire Writer – September 2021.

Essential Course Membership

$29.95 (aud)

Full Course Membership

$49.95 (aud)

Wire Writing Kit

$14.99 (aud)